A window on a vanished Edwardian way of life
Power Point/Key Note presentation by
Leighton H. Coleman III
Editor of Polar, The Titanic Bear

The Incredible true story of a toy bear that survived the Titanic disaster
For grades 3 through 5

$450 Suffolk County/ $500 Elsewhere

For me, the two biggest rewards in publishing my great aunt’s award winning, long lost, children’s book are meeting Polar fans and receiving invitations to come to schools,  libraries and museums to talk about the book.

To best facilitate the numerous requests, I worked with educators and Polar’s publishers, in developing a companion Key Note and/or Power Point program on Polar, The Titanic Bear.  It examines what it was like for a child to grow up over 100 years ago, during the Edwardian age (1901-1914).  Those looking for lesson plans, click here: Polar, The Titanic Bear lesson plans.

Through the prism ofDouglas Spedden’s child hood, (as seen in the Titanic movie spinning his top on deck),  today’s students learn of a simpler era where, Edwardian children read from books, listen to phonographs and happily played with beautiful handcrafted dolls, plush mohair teddy bears, lead soldiers and brightly printed board games, all the while surviving in a world with out radios, televisions, computer games and plastic toys.

The lecture also examines the heyday of "Grand Travel,” the golden age of the ocean liner and transcontinental train service, a period in which getting some where was extremely fun & glamorous.

By examining the Titanic disaster, the worlds first major industrial catastrophe, students understand how it destroyed the Edwardians' idealistic view of technology, as the was the very era that produced many innovations, such as the airplane, motor car, & telephone, all of which were then, erroneously, thought to presage a utopian society.
The lecture has 120/145 slides and it can run from forty minutes to an hour long, depending on your schedule and age group.
Below is a partial list of schools and other organizations who have enjoyed the Polar, The Titanic Bear Lecture.

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